The Dream Share Project is committed to helping people discover and pursue their dreams. We are currently touring the country with our inspirational documentary film and our “Chase Your Dreams” workshop. Here is some of the feedback we’ve received from college students, staff and faculty who have experienced our program.

Staff Testimonials:
This session was an interactive way to approach career planning with our students.  The students we counsel sometimes have difficulty expressing their dreams out loud for fear of the reaction they’ll receive.  This film and the workshop created an atmosphere of trust and openness that encouraged students to articulate their dreams and how they want to live their lives.  I highly recommend this session to other universities looking for a creative and interactive way to help students identify, express and pursue their dreams! Trish Shafer, Director, Career Services Center, Philadelphia University

We just had Chip and Alexis here at Salisbury University to introduce their video and lead a Q& A session afterwards.  We had over 60 students attend-and they were very into the hour long video.  Everyone hung around for 45 minutes after the airing to talk.  Chip and Alexis were able to answer all the questions in a full and insightful manner.  They were good at getting people to open up.  Earlier that day they had conducted a class that had a more structured workshop approach after the video.  Here the students also were engaged and thoughtful-due in large part to their facilitation skills as well as the thought provoking nature of the video.  Students can really relate to Chip and Alexis-they look like them, have many of the same experiences as them yet have something very important to offer.  It was a good experience for all!Dr. Becky Emery, Director of Career Services, Salisbury University

This was a wonderful program or students of all ages, as well as professionals.  The workshop after the documentary is extremely fun , helpful and allowed a great opportunity to reflect and dream.  Bring them to your school or workplace! –  Angela Jackson, Longwood University

Thank you again for the wonderful presentation last night at Mary Baldwin College.  Your documentary is inspiring!  It really speaks to current college students in their own language and from a youthful perspective, while still giving practical, helpful, advice. – Julie A. Chappell, Director of Career Development Services

Awesome!  Such a great idea and so applicable to our students.  – Caroline Weimar, Oglethorpe University

This was great!  I love the combination of travel and dream search!  I teach a class for undeclared students here at JSC and you basically summed up the message we try to get across all year!  I’m so inspired after seeing your video. – Lizi Lyon, Johnson State College

Loved it! Thanks for the inspiration!! – Amy Benedict-Augustine, SUNY Oneonta

I was I had heard something like this when I was a college student!Christina Ramos, Amherst College

You all rock and your ethos is great. You all can/are bringing the perfect message!Paul Rogers, Director of the Center for Social Entrepreneurship at George Mason University

Student Testimonials:

I seriously think, if I could see into the future, I would see that going to this screening set those wheels in motion toward me having an ultimately happier and more fulfilled life. I think everyone who is in college should see this film. I think that they should see this in high schools too. I think that everyone needs to see this because it gives them the chance to say wait a minute, I don’t wanna do this, I really want to do that! Before it’s too late to turn around. Especially in college and high school when you are trying to figure out what you want to do and what you want to study, and you are making those decisions, and having those doubts! That is exactly when you should be thinking about this stuff. – Cathleen Fuller, Salisbury University

I just wanted to thank you guys so much for the inspiration. I have so much respect for what you did. I kept thinking, wow how incredibly relevant this is in my life right now, but really, I’m sure it’s relevant to everyone at every point in their life. You guys are such extraordinary people, never give up on this!    Katie Gutoskey, Salisbury University

I am so happy I came!  This video is inspiring and makes me reconsider what I want to do and to pursue what I really want to do. Thank you so much!  This was amazing.  I hope it goes far and reaches many people. – Rebecca Meece, Salisbury University

This really touched me and it showed me I can do what I love to do.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes, I will make it somehow.  I’m going to become a professional dancer and not let me fear or my parents hold me back – Solmayra Leija, Salisbury University

Truly inspirational, rewarding and thought provoking. More students need to see this film, find their own dream and help define our future. Thanks for sending our youth in the right direction! – Josh Jamison, Salisbury University

Keep traveling. Give this presentation/workshop to as many young people as possible! You guys are such a positive influence. Thank you! – Samantha Logan, James Madison University

Damn you two- I thought I had my life figured out! Your question “What gets you out of bed in the morning?” stumped me. Why am I getting up every day?  Obligation, not passion.  I need to change that. – Kerry Tousignant, James Madison University

Fantastic documentary! I really enjoyed it and the workshop that followed.  This is a great film to show to undergraduate seniors, not knowing what to do or where to go after graduation. – Michelle Crowe, James Madison University

Awesome! Your story is very inspirational to young adults our age. – Christine Belskey, James Madison University

Awesome film! Very inspiring! – Xin Yang, James Madison University

I thought the workshop was great! I’ve known my dream for a while and I’m pretty set, but I learned about paralysis by analysis, which I think is my biggest problem.  Thanks! – Beau Robinson, James Madison University

Amazing 🙂 !! – Nicole Knudsen, James Madison University

You guys are amazing!  You guys really encouraged me to take a breathe.  My dream will come in time and I will take advantage of the “Ahh hA” moment when it comes.  Thank you for the reassurance! Keep on keeping on, because you are truly making a difference and inspiring!  Thank you x 100,000! – Valerie Collins, James Madison University

This was really helpful. I suddenly got a clearer idea of what I value and what I don’t, making it easier to define my passions.  – Andrew Evans, Southern Virginia University

The workshop was great!  You pushed me out of my comfort zone by making me share my dreams and ideas. But this helped me think about what I really want to do with my life other then school and a job.  Thanks for coming, you gave me a lot to think about! – Chrissy Egbert, Southern Virginia University

I am feeling motivated to achieve and go after my dreams after listening to your message. – Chris Teerlink, Southern Virginia University

I thought this was amazing!  My whole life I felt like my dream was unattainable and I had to find something to do that would for sure make money. This seminar has helped me realize my potential and that while others may doubt, I can still believe in myself. – Krystle Brunner, Southern Virginia University

I really love that you are encouraging people to live their dreams – it’s refreshing. There is so much focus on being successful in the business world that sometimes the dreams can get lost.  I love this project. – Elise Madden, Southern Virginia University

Totally inspiring! It made me remember that my dreams are worth it and to have hope for myself. It is possible to do what you love everyday, despite the challenges in front of you. Thank you for coming to McDaniel, you guys are awesome! -Catherine Frondorf, McDaniel College

It was really cool to see and hear from people that are passionate about what they do. I’ve always been admant about doing what I love with my life, the trick just to figure out what that is. It’s something that needs to be discussed more! – Mara Seibert, McDaniel College

This was extremely inspiring! It’s wonderful to see people so close to us doing what they love and being happy. Thank you! –  Reese Laricks, Washington College

This was an amazing and inspiring documentary. It really helped me to think through some of my qualms about the future. – Katy Kreft, Washington College

It has given me even more passion for my dreams! – Lorie McDaele, Washington College

You guys are really inspiring! I am going to follow my dreams and stop being so hard on myself. Thank you! –  Amanda Regan, Washington College

SO INSPIRATIONAL! With all the pressure that goes with “entering the real world,” I really appreciated seeing this at this point in my life. – Katie Derosa, Washington College

The documentary was very inspiring. It drew a lot of good questions that one never really stops to think about. Most of us are too busy living our lives and doing what we’re “supposed to do,” taking the next step, moving fast.  But we never stop to ask ourselves what our real dreams are… I like how they define lots of terms around the topic. – Philadelphia University student

It (the film) makes me want to do things I believe in. Things I envision myself doing that will make me happy.I want to make a difference in this world. I want to impact other people’s lives in some way. – Philadelphia University student

I thought the documentary was great, it was interesting to see how two people took their dream and went somewhere with it, getting advice from others on the way.  I was especially inspired by the experience because the professionals in the video said to pursue your dream now, when you’re young and have your whole life ahead of you, don’t wait. – Philadelphia University student

This experience has helped me a lot. It reassured me that I am on the right career path and that I should be taking risks and trying to pursue my dream regardless if that choice will cause me financial success. – Philadelphia University student

Very awesome and inspirational.  This is just what I needed to motivate me to go for my dreams. – Amelia Perry, Longwood University

This was fantastic!  Thinking about my dreams really helped me think about what was stopping me from reaching them, even during the short time of this program. Thank you so much for showing your film! –  Carrie Dunham, Longwood University

Awesome project – very helpful and inspirational!  Please keep spreading this message and thank you! – Kanydah Belbany, UNC- Asheville

Tonight was great, I learned a lot and am ready to go out and chase my dream. The workshop put the passion back in myself to go after my dreams, thank you! – Bre Moore, Winthrop University

I thought the movie and the workshop was fantastic.  You guys really changed my life today.   I want to make a difference so bad sometimes, but I get lost in my everyday life and usually my dreams take the backseat.  This workshop has challenged me to take a leap of faith.  Life is an occasion, rise to it.  – Mariam Abdullah, Winthrop University

Very inspirational.  I’ve never felt more sure about what I wanted to do while watching. – Bryanna Smith, Winthrop University

Watching your documentary inspired me to get out there and chase my dream!  I feel like I can do anything thanks to you two! Thank you so much for coming and when I make it big I’ll be thanking you both for inspiring me to accomplish my dream!! – Chelsea Banks, Winthrop University

I really enjoyed the movie and talk afterwards.  It’s nice to talk about goals and motivations in groupsit allows for more self reflection and opportunity to hear others points.  Thanks for coming!  – Stephen Myers, College of Charleston

The film was absolutely fantastic.  It has inspired me to pursue my dream even further and take a road trip next summer! – Robert Wendover, USC-Lancaster

Really impressed, very inspirational, didn’t know others felt the same way!Lorraine Brewer, USC-Lancaster

I loved the film and the workshop really opened my eyes to my own goals.Becky Salami, Wofford College

You two are awesome, the way you used the exercises made the workshop totally worthwhile. – Carrie Martin, Wofford College

I loved this, especially since I was very in need of some support for following my dreams!Kulsoom Haq, Wofford College

Your documentary was very inspirational.  I really enjoyed the workshop, it helped me to reevaluate my goals. Anna Henson, Wofford College

Thank you – this helps put things in perspective.  – Starlin Evangelista, Oglethorpe University

I really enjoyed the movie – I actually got goosebumps at some points.  I love what both of you are doing and this has made me reevaluate what I want to do with my life.Sasha Alonozo, Oglethorpe University

I really enjoyed the documentary and workshop!  I learned a lot about taking risk, doing what you love and how putting in the work can make your dream come true!  Thanks for sharing!  – Stephanie Perello, Oglethorpe University

Both the movie and workshop were great.  They really got me thinking – I feel inspired.  – Kerri Dawkins, Oglethorpe University

Every teenager should see this movie!  Thank you so much for inspiring me to follow my dream.  This has helped so much – thank you!  I now know my next step in life. – Emily McCully, New College of Florida

Keep doing what you’re doing!Raven Pearl, New College of Florida

I thought this was a very passionate event.  We need more things like this on campus.Steve Wilcox, New College of Florida

This reminded me why I am alive and what my passions are.Margaret Curnow, New College of Florida

I really liked that I was able to refocus my goals and dreams.Jillian True, New College of Florida

It was wonderful !  I loved the film and workshop, it was incredible to see you two take a dream into your hands and make it a reality.  Thank you for so much fearlessness!  Michelle Breault, Eckerd College

I loved the film and workshop, I think this project can really spark people on the path they were meant to live.  This is a good karma, pay it forward event.  I wish it could have been even longer! – Dana Nalven, Eckerd College

Very inspiring, would highly recommend to others.  Thank you and be proud knowing you have made a huge difference in my life.  – Kelvin Hearns Jr., Eckerd College

I thought it was incredibly motivational.  My dreams brought me to Flagler College and lately I’ve been so nervous about my future, but this has taught me to relax and pursue what I love!  – Theresa Iommell, Flagler College

Great job, extremely inspiring, I mean it!  There are so many people who could benefit from this!  Keep it up!  My dream: to write the next great American novel.  – Becky Short, Flagler College

Your film gave me motivation to pursue my dream as a comedian.  I believe being here was a sign for me.Shayne Druback, Flagler College

I found your film extremely inspirational and it definitely motivated me to pursue my dreams and think more about them.  It really helped put my life in perspective.  I think it’s a great project and I look forward to spreading this message around the world. – Christine Vuu, Stetson University

AWESOME!  Great energy and amazing video! – Alexandria Tinsely, Stetson University

This movie was really inspiration and will stick with me for a long time.  My dream is being an actress and this helps keep the dream alive. – Brenna Burgess, Stetson University

Share this film everywhere you can – because it really is that important.  Living your dreams is the only thing that matters.  – Brendan Wynn, Stetson University

Amazing.  Simply amazing.  Time worthy.  Asked all the questions that I needed to hear and I didn’t want to ask myself.  – Kenisha Ebanks, The University of Tampa

It was something that helped me see the changes I need to make to realize my own definition of success.  You both have changed my life!  – MaryBeth Lockwood, Florida Atlantic University

So what I needed to hear!  This makes me ready to take risks and go against the grain because sometimes the world needs crazy visionaries!  Thanks for coming!!! – Christi Carpenter, Florida Atlantic University

Loved it- it was perfectly awesome!Natasha Abdin, Florida Atlantic University

I thought this was great motivation – it allowed me to realize certain things I’m going to have to change, thank you for sharing! – Erika Darbouze, Florida Atlantic University

The film and workshop were amazing.  You definitely need to visit more places, I think everyone could benefit from this. – Rachael Johnson, Florida Atlantic University

Amazingly inspirational!  I loved the ideas that were shared and the seeds that were planted in my mind!Megan DeVries, Florida Atlantic University

People always ask me what I want to do with my life and I never know what to say – this has helped a lot.Alissa Brown, Centenary College

So cool!  I really liked the movie and the workshop exercises opened up my eyes.Stephanie Wright, Centenary College

This was a great experience for me, it encouraged me to not give up on my dreams to become a veterinarian, despite the difficulties along the way.  – Kristen Young, Centenary College

I thought it was amazing and it has inspired me to just do it! – Lacey Chimienti, University of New Orleans

AMAZ-A-ZING!  Definitely what I needed today. 🙂 – Valerie Andrada, University of New Orleans

Thank you for sharing!  I wish I had been exposed to things like earlier and been pushed to pursue and take risks!Katie Brandy, University of New Orleans

Great for college students trying to find out what to do with their lives – Gage Louis, LSU-Baton Rogue

Awesome, inspiring, see you at the top!Joe Siegmund, LSU-Baton Rogue

Very enjoyable – I liked that it was college age kids presenting to college kids.  – Shannon Blake, LSU-Baton Rogue

I thought the event was very inspirational.  The workshop has given me inspiration to keep pushing forward.Christine George, LSU-Baton Rogue

This was sooo beyond what I needed to hear!Diana Anunda, LSU-Baton Rogue

It was refreshing to see educated young people take a stand on what they believe, quit the jobs they don’t like and move on to changing other young perspectives.  You have no idea how much this project is needed.  Please continue to share – you do make a difference.  Raylon Joseph, LSU-Baton Rogue

I think you have contributed to my life’s happiness – thank you so much for this! – Alice Lai, Loyola University New Orleans

Absolutely loved it! Katie Bruadbent, Loyola University New Orleans

Great presentation!  I feel like there isn’t enough inspiration or encouragement and I hope this grows!  – Andrew Gude, Loyola University New Orleans

It’s great to hear people our age tell their stories and defy what society tells them.  Good job guys! – Gerard Mezly, Loyola University New Orleans

Really great.  The film has made me reevaluate and pushed me to figure out my stuff.  Thanks! – Brandy Sullivan, Husson University

I found it inspiring and eye opening, it was beautiful.  It really hit home for me because I struggle with finding and following a dream.  Thank you! – Blake Sullivan, Husson University

Made me realize what I need to do.  Thank you for everything! – Kyle Newton, Southern New Hampshire University

So inspiring! Can’t wait to start pursuing my dream!Sam Frue, Southern New Hampshire University

I loved it.  It really made me think about my major choice and what I really want to do. – Erin Carter, Southern New Hampshire University

Awesome.  Made me want to go out and chase my dreams!Alexis Hartnett, Southern New Hampshire University

It was really inspirational and I would recommend to other colleges and classes. – Anthony Barbato, Southern New Hampshire University

Great film!  Even better Q&A!Patricia Caruso, Southern New Hampshire University

It was a great film and very inspiring.  Loved the activities at the end and talking about personal goals. – Kristen Call, Southern New Hampshire University

Awesome! This documentary was very inspiring and I felt like I got some good suggestions from my group on my roadblock.  – Sarah Krause, Johnson State College

i already know what my dream is and what I have to do, but this was great encouragement for me and for others who need to figure out and follow their dreams. – Leah Cate, Johnson State College

I really liked this presentation, I haven’t thought about my goals or dreams recently.  I’m a member of student government and I’m going to suggest this to the administration!Alex Washburn, Johnson State College

I loved the positive atmosphere present throughout the whole presentation.  Keep up the good work! – Reilly Lawrence, Johnson State College

Great!  Thanks for helping me find some simple answers to hard questions.  – Patrick Wilson, Johnson State College

This motivated me to strive and ultimately achieve my dreams and goals. – Minh Iguyen, LeMoyne College

Truly an inspirational documentary.  Worth the 60 minutes to truly understand dreams and success.  This was motivating and eye-opening! – Mushtak Mozeb, LeMoyne College

This presentation inspired me to follow my own dreams rather then live under the pressure of satisfying family and the society. – Gurleen Singh, LeMoyne College

Thank you so much for taking the time to come and visit us.  You did an amazing job on the video, it’s people like you who help confused souls like me.  You really reached out to me and kind of forced me to address my concerns.  Keep up the amazing work!  – Iman Kay, The College of Saint Rose

The film really did inspire me to know that it is not silly to follow my passion and make a career out of it.  Thanks for coming! – Kim Miller, The College of Saint Rose

Awesome.  You guys really made me question myself and what I want to do in life.  – Nick DiPasquale, The College of Saint Rose

Loved it!  Thank you for sharing your story.  I am graduating in May and I don’t really know what I want to do, but this really helps!Caroline Murray, The College of Saint Rose

I would have regretted not coming.  Thank you so much! – Michaela Crowe, The College of Saint Rose

I really loved this workshop! I’ve been struggling to figure out what I want to do with my life and this event has shown me what is the most important to me! – Lauren Sullivan, SUNY Oneonta

Loved this movie and the message.  The time management aspect of the activities was very helpful.  Thanks! – Falicia Eddy, SUNY Oneonta

I really liked it!  I’m currently a senior and I still have no idea what I want to do or where I want to go, and your film helped me figure out the next step.  Thanks a bunch!  – Sarah, SUNY Oneonta

I thought the film and follow up exercises were fantastic.  It was inspiring. – Arianna Marino, University of New Haven

I thought the presentation was absolutely fantastic.  My favorite part was at the end with the packet of activities.  As an undecided student, it actually helped me to focus on my true passions.  Thank you so much! – Samantha Chadbourne, University of New Haven

You both really made me think about what I want to do with my life and motivated me more. – Taylor Croteau, Elms College

I thought it was inspiring and it encouraged me to want to do more with the IT field. I want to teach others emerging technologies and make it more sustainable. – Stacy Osorio, Curry College

Amazing, love what you have done, keep inspiring people! – Courtney Peltier, Curry College

It was awesome!  I have a dream but was always afraid to follow it.  Now, I feel much more confident, thank you so much!! – Ashley Gilbert, Shippensburg University

Keep it up and make another movie! – Nicole Williams, Shippensburg University

I think this project you have embarked on is not only very informative and beneficial to young people, but it is also incredibly brave to have done something of this magnitude.  I’m very inspired by this and the stories you told, it was all awesome – Jordan Dewalt, Shippensburg University

As an immigrant in the U.S. I face a lot of challenges.  Thank you for giving me hope that one day I will be able to make my dream real in this country.Daria Bereslavskaya, Shippensburg University

I thought the movie and workshop were very eye-opening.  It made me put my life into perspective and look at what and how I want to achieve happiness and gain satisfaction in life. – Jennifer Meier, Rider University

This was sooo inspirational! It really struck something good in me.  Now, more then ever I want/can believe that I can make it on TV. Thank you! – Monica, Rider University

LOVED IT!  I love this positivity and will the advice and motivation with me in the future.  There should be programs like this everywhere. – Jillian Spratt, Rider University

I thought this was very inspiring and also incredibly motivating towards my dream as a screenwriter.Kevin Mohammed, Rider University

I really enjoyed the energy and honesty the documentary conveyed.  I thought it brought a really interesting aspect to typical topics like job searching and major choosing.  – Megan Witos, Rider University

I loved it! I think it’s hard to inspire those around you, but you guys did it through the use of passion and knowledge.  It’s hard to keep that fuse lit, thank you for helping me stay on fire!Josh Lawson, Rider University

Fantastic!  It was very helpful and refreshing to see that other people my age were struggling with the same issues and thoughts.  Thanks! – Nicola Cortese, Rider University

Very inspirational. Makes me want to chase my dreams. Makes me want to take a risk.  It was a real eye-opener. Ryan Gilligan, Rider University

I thought the movie was inspirational and informative. Writing down my dreams definitely helped me realize all of the goals I want to accomplish and how much my brother having autism is an inspiration for me. I am feeling a lot better about my day and the kind of major I’m in.Shallis Thompson, Rider University

This is amazing! Very inspiring. Thank you, this has helped me figure out what I wanna do. I wanna write. Thank you x 1000! You have no idea how valuable this is, this is worth more than gold.Eric Fader, Rider University

Amazing program.  This needs to be shown to every college student in America.Jake Tuff, Rider University

I really enjoyed the presentation. It went over most of the critical elements to being successful and the problems you must overcome. – Darius Jones, Wilmington University

Today’s presentation was life giving and value-added. I am much better for it. – Sharmina T. Ellis, Wilmington University

I really enjoyed this documentary, I think it should be used in all leadership classes. – Marina, Wilmington University

The presentation was really great. It made me think about what I really want in life and how to start pursuing it.Lisa Nolasco, Salve Regina University

I loved it! It definitely opened my eyes to what I want and what I want to do. I realize that I need to start now! –  Williams Soto, Salve Regina University

I’ve always wanted to do something with photography. Watching this film made me realize that this dream is possible!Genesis Andia, Bridgewater College

Thank you so much, I really got a lot out of the film. I am a biology major but I don’t know what I want to do after college. You have given me some ideas for figuring that out. I can’t wait until your book, Build Your Dreams, comes out! Please continue the college tours, this is great information for college students! – Alys Harshbarger, Bridgewater College

I feel so inspired by your journey. Since high school, I’ve been talking about making a cross-country road trip, but first sumer jobs, then college, now money concerns, and a full-time job, kept getting in the way. I want to follow in your footsteps and write a book! Thank you for being brave, following your dreams, and for sharing! I can’t wait to read your book and share it with my friends and family! – Kathleen Herring, Bridgewater College

I think the movie is fantastic! It’s clear you were really passionate about it and took your time to make it awesome. Everything about it enhanced the experience. It inspired me to pursue a cause I care about. I want to be a horse back riding teacher and I want to change the horse show riding world (they often drug and wear out the horses) It’s a messes up system I want to change. Thanks for sharing your story! – Alexandra Bahen, Bridgewater College

Chasing my dream saved my life. Seeing your movie motivated me to keep pushing for what I want to be in this world. You guys made a gold movie… when chasing your dream you might catch hate, it’s tough but it’s so worth it when you see the results. – Dalton Campbell, Bridgewater College

This movie was FANTASTIC! You all are very friendly and approachable. My dream is to become a preschool teacher and make learning fun for children. Thanks for coming! – Katie Rexrode, Bridgewater College

I LOVED this documentary. My dream is to become a successful singer/songwriter. Just this past weekend, I performed in a tough show on campus. It was discouraging but the documentary has reaffirmed that nothing else would make me happy. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the encouragement. I have to do what I love! – Morgan Alexander, Bridgewater College

I really enjoyed the movie. I feel very motivated to follow my dream to become a teacher. Keep up the good work, inspiring kids everywhere! – Tracy Chapman, Bridgewater College

Ever since I enrolled in college, finding our what I want to do with my life has been a constant nagging question. I‘ve always looked for answers through tests, teachers, and family. After seeing the film, I realized I’ve never asked myself and looked within. I now know that I want to travel the world and make a positive change. Thank you, it was fantastic. – Melisa Treshnjeta, George Mason University

You guys really helped me think of my dreams and how to achieve them. I will work towards making my own Rec Center one day near a beach! – Daniella Titone, George Mason University

This was truly an inspirational experience for me. I’m at a stressful time in my life. I’m 18 and I’m trying to figure everything out. You guys have inspired me to follow my dreams. Thank you! – Shannon, George Mason University

This is so great! I always fear the future and it was perfect time to hear this message near graduation.Ariel Fleischer, George Mason University

It was unique, inspiring, and exactly what was needed in this seemingly “hopeless” job market. – Alex, George Mason University

I really enjoyed this. It helped me think of things I actually want to do and be remembered for.Victoria Nixon, Mary Baldwin College

I thought this was very educational. This actually helped me overcome my fears of taking risks. Thanks for coming! – Samantha Somenike, Mary Baldwin College

I really enjoyed the documentary and seeing the vision of many people who continued to follow their dreams. The discussion was also wonderful, relating with others about their dream goals. I truly recommend this film and video to be seen by all teens and young adults. Joaquinna Sorrell, Mary Baldwin College

This presentation and workshop was absolutely amazing! I learned so much and will adopt some advice I heard into my daily routines!Briana Roberson, Mary Baldwin College

Loved it! Glad to know it’s possible – it’s always reassuring to see happy, successful people and know that I can do it too! – Kelsey, Ohio Wesleyan University 

I just wanted to thank you for coming to our school. I wish more people would have come to experience the wonderful thing called The Dream Share Project. I am so glad that I chose to come (instead of working on calc. homework, sigh). I respect you guys so much for pursuing your dreams, and I also want to thank you for giving me the motivation to find mine. I usually feel that I’m simply existing, but when I do something I love… nothing beats that feeling. After seeing you successfully follow your dreams, run into obstacles, face questioning parents and friends… and still find happiness… I just feel so empowered to push myself until I find something I love. an Ohio Wesleyan University student

Inspiring. I really liked the small group discussion part. I got to meet a few people and talk about “real things” with those I knew. – Emily Braun, Ohio Wesleyan University

Pretty cool – this helped solidify my desire to pursue “out-of-the-ordinary” dreams and gave me some ideas for going forward. – John Bieniek, Ohio Wesleyan University

Loved the video and the workshop! The video was relatable, the workshop practical and not overwhelming. I needed to hear all of this. My husband and I are going to chase our dreams! – Shelby Musgrove, Oklahoma Christian University

It was liberating to sit there and ponder over the million dollar question, “What do I want to do with my life?” Thank you! – Dylan Zirlanleu, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

This came at the perfect time for me. I’m in one of those small moments of failure and this make me think about what makes me happy and what I want to do with my life. –Alex Kuhn, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

I loved this program! I’ve always enjoyed thinking outside of the box and coming up with creative ideas, but it’s hard to plan or get around money and time constraints. This was just what I needed.Brendan O’Brien University of Tennessee, Knoxville

So eye-opening and inspiring. Great way to really look at your life and figure out what makes you happy. LOVED IT! – Erica Sumner, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

This is what students should be taught before algebra and chemistry.Stephanie Ward, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Awesome!!! Believe me, after this workshop I know exactly what I want to do with my life and I already have ideas on how I am going to go about doing that. Thank you! – Nthabi Peb, Randolph-Macon College

That was the most inspiring film and discussion I have ever experienced. I loved every minute of it. Thanks to you, I’m less worried about money and ready to live my dream! – Ethan Litvin, Randolph-Macon College

Great story and great message. Especially in times of high unemployment, it’s good to remind people to chase their dreams and be persistent. – Trey Horddan, Randolph-Macon College

I think the film and stories were very inspiring. I’m even more excited for graduation in the spring.Monique Meeks, Randolph-Macon College

This project is so inspiring, especially as a senior about to graduate. It made me believe I can do anything, and that it’s ok to take the time for the journey if it gets you to the final destination you always imagined. Thanks! – Cara DeCesare, Randolph-Macon College

With graduation a few weeks away I have been questioning my dreams and my goals. Your movie helped my put things in perspective and it came at the right time. – Katherine Dodd, Randolph-Macon College

This was great! It was very helpful and definitely encourages me to do something great with my life-Anacelia Gomez, Allegheny College

I thought this was very helpful towards organizing my goals and dreams and it got me excited to work towards accomplishing them.Andie Turner, Allegheny College

What you are doing is so very needed, keep doing this. It was very helpful to hear from so many different people all over the country in lots of different career fields. – Kate Schied, Alfred University