Zach Kaplan, an Inventor & Entrepreneur

Zach Kaplan has always loved building things. When he was in High School, he built a scale model of a roller coaster….that actually worked. His work was featured in an article in the Chicago Tribune. In college, Zach and a colleague started a website development company called Lever Works, which he later sold. The sale brought opportunity and Zach was free to pursue his passions. He piloted several business ideas and eventually discovered one that he loved – he called it Inventables.

Inventables is a materials and technology marketplace, where anyone with an idea can become an inventor. works like any e-commerce website such as or ebay. However, focuses on cutting edge technology and materials, allowing users to purchase small quantities of materials that they can use to invent something, in research and development projects, or to build a prototype. The materials on the allow the imagination to run wild – squishy magnets, temperature sensitive glass, bendable wood, rubber glass, super elastic plastic, dry liquids that you can dunk your cell phone in without causing damage, and many more.

Zach’s company is still young but it is already attracting tons of attention, being featured on NPR, in Forbes Magazine, and earning him an invitation to TED, the prestigious technology conference.

Zach’s motto is as simple as it is inspirational – “Explore what’s possible”. Zach dreams of turning Inventables into a world-renowned brand and spread the idea of “Explore what’s possible”, an idea he believes is very important for the development of industry and society.

One day, Zach hopes to open a Disney-esq theme park where people can touch and explore all of the materials that are found on

Zach’s advice to young people thinking of pursuing a dream is to “get started and go build something!” Zach says that starting and putting yourself in a position to succeed will open the door to opportunities. He encourages people to share their dreams, saying that others will appreciate the fact that you are trying and will often help you.

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