Meet. Greet. Compete.

Lavonzell Nicholson is the founder of Play NOLA, a sports and social club that is uniting a huge community of young people in the city of New Orleans. Lavonzell played basketball in college but after hurting her leg, she pursued a career in the non-profit world. She discovered a passion for improving communities and working […]

Johanna Long – Female NASCAR Driver

Johanna Long started racing go-carts at the age of 8. She loved racing and moved up to pro am and eventually, late models. She was the youngest and only female to be track champion at Five Flags racetrack in Pensacola, FL, her hometown. Johanna’s passion for racing has taken her all over the country, from […]

Jon Mavko: Rocks and Ropes

Jon Mavko is the assistant manager and youth team coach at Rocks and Ropes, an indoor rock climbing gym located in Tucson, Arizona. Jon began climbing in 1998 and his passion for rock climbing has taken him all over the world to places like Mallorca, Spain, Berlin, Germany and the Bugaboos and Squamish in British […]

Olympic Skier Megan McJames Shares Her Dreams

Olympic skier, Megan McJames, first got on skis at the age of two. Growing up in Park City Utah (home of the 2002 Olympics), she grew to love being in the mountains and fresh powder skiing. She first started competitive skiing at the age of 8, learning that the harder she worked the further her […]

LaMarque Ward Interview

LaMarque Ward is a former professional basketball player and is the founder of the Cincinnati Dream Academy, a youth athletics organization that teaches basketball skills and character development to at-risk youth. LaMarque also works with young people at the Cincinnati Job Corps and ran for Cincinnati City Council in 2009. We sat down with LaMarque […]