Meet. Greet. Compete.

Lavonzell Nicholson is the founder of Play NOLA, a sports and social club that is uniting a huge community of young people in the city of New Orleans. Lavonzell played basketball in college but after hurting her leg, she pursued a career in the non-profit world. She discovered a passion for improving communities and working with kids.

When Hurricaine Katrina hit her home town of New Orleans, she knew she wanted to go back and help rebuild. Lavonzell soon realized that there were many young volunteers flocking to the city to help. Many of these young people had few ways to socialize other than at work and the bar. About a year ago, she discovered a business plan competition and decided to submit her idea for Play NOLA, an organization that would allow people to “meet, greet and compete.

Now entering its second year, Play NOLA has attracted over 3,000 members, spawning new friendship, relationships, and some intense games of kickball across the city.

Check out our interview with Lavonzell. Love what she says about “starting your own lemonade stand”!

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