The Founder of SXSW Festival

South by Southwest is one of the largest festivals in America, featuring music, film, and interactive attractions with over 2000 performers in 90  venues, over four days. The festival takes place in the live music capital of the world: Austin, Texas. We were were extremely fortunate to do a phone interview with the Festival’s founder, […]

Professor, Lawyer, and Non-Profit Founder, Nghana Lewis

Nghana Lewis has always loved teaching and debate. As a child she loved to read, play school and argue with friends. She currently teaches English and African & African Diaspora Studies at Tulane University and is a practicing lawyer. Nghana is also the Founder of two non-profits. She started the ESSENCE Program, a non-profit organization […]

Kim Larkin, Starting a Contemporary Art Gallery

Kim Larkin is the director of the contemporary art gallery Modified Arts, in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.  Kim, who was always interested in art growing up, got a degree in art history from the University of Utah.  She took a semester off during her undergraduate years and traveled around the world with her brother and his […]

Lebowski Fest Founding Dude, Scott Shuffitt Interview

Here is a preview of our interview with Scott Shuffitt, one of the founding dudes behind Lebowski Fest, a celebration of all things relating to the Coen Brother’s cult classic film, The Big Lebowski.