Kyle Berner: Steppin’ Easy, Feelin’ Good

Kyle Berner is the founder of Feelgoodz, a natural rubber flip flops company.  After graduating with a marketing degree from Loyola University in New Orleans and working at a record label, Kyle moved to Austin, Texas.  He worked at Dell, selling computers, until one day he couldn’t take it anymore and quit his job.  Kyle managed three hot dog stands in Austin, where he met a backpacker who told him his favorite country was Thailand. On a whim, Kyle made the decision to move to Thailand and teach English.

Kyle traveled around Southeast Asia and taught English in Thailand for over a year.  While walking around the markets of Thailand, his flip flops broke, and he stopped to buy a new pair.  After trying on a pair of flip fops made from natural Thai rubber,  Kyle knew he had discovered something special.  Kyle set up a meeting with the rubber supplier of the flip flops and worked out an exclusive distribution for America under the name Feelgoodz. Since then, Kyle has started selling flip flops all over the country through retailers like Whole Foods.

Check out our inspirational interview with this young entrepreneur.

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