Operation Beautiful

Caitlin Boyle is the founder of Operation Beautiful, a movement to promote self esteem and positive body image. Operation Beautiful encourages girls and women to post anonymous notes in public locations like on the scale at the gym, on a bathroom mirror or inside a fashion magazine for other women to find.  Notes say things like “You are beautiful,” or “You are good enough just the way you are.”  Caitlin receives Operation Beautiful notes and stories from all over the world, and posts new notes every day at the movement’s website, www.OperationBeautiful.com.

The Operation Beautiful book came out in August 2010 and is filled with 125+ of the most unique Operation Beautiful notes and includes tips on how to lead a healthier, happier life.  Operation Beautiful has been featured on The Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Network, Chicago NBC Morning News, Orlando Fox News, Bust Magazine, Glamour, Women’s Day, and many others.  Caitlin is currently at work on the second Operation Beautiful book, which will have a tween/teen focus.  You can submit a note or story for the second book here.

In addition to running Operation Beautiful, Caitlin blogs at her popular healthy living Web site www.HealthyTippingPoint.com. The Healthy Tipping Point documents Caitlin’s days as she strives to find balance with food, fitness and a busy life.  Caitlin is committed to helping everyone lead a healthy, happy life and hopes her work with Operation Beautiful and Healthy Tipping Point can help end negative self talk and inspire others to live their best life.  Check out her inspirational work at www.operationbeautiful.com and www.healthytippingpoint.com!

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