Operation Beautiful

Caitlin Boyle is the founder of Operation Beautiful, a movement to promote self esteem and positive body image. Operation Beautiful encourages girls and women to post anonymous notes in public locations like on the scale at the gym, on a bathroom mirror or inside a fashion magazine for other women to find.  Notes say things […]

Kamran Pasha: One of the First Successful Muslim Filmmakers in Hollywood

UPDATE: Kamran Pasha is now the Co-Executive Producer and head writer for Disney’s new Tron television series. Kamran Pasha is a filmmaker and author born in Pakistan. He is the author of Shadow of the Swords, a novel about the Third Crusade, and Mother of the Believers, a story about the prophet Muhammad’s wife, Aisha. […]

A Diplomat’s Dream

Mitchell Reiss has served as a Presidential envoy, ambassador, policymaker, lawyer, author, and university professor. He was recently elected President of Washington College, the nation’s 10th oldest college. Mitchell had grand dreams from a young age. After winning a scholarship to Oxford University, he discovered his ambition to negotiate nuclear arms control agreements. This dream […]