Interview with Terry Lickona, Producer of Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits is the longest-running music series in American television history. In 36 years, the show has produced more than 500 episodes featuring more than 800 performers, including legends like: Willie Nelson, B.B. King, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles,  Stevie Ray Vaughan, and in more recent years: Arcade Fire, Coldplay, […]

Nisha Ganatra: Director, Producer, Writer and Actor

Nisha Ganatra’s first feature film was “Chutney Popcorn”,  which she wrote, directed and acted in. The film was a huge success on the film festival circuit, celebrated by critics and audience alike.  Nisha went on to work on The Real World, Cosmopolitan, Cake (with Heather Graham), and she is currently working on a highly anticipated […]

Krystyn Lambert: A Young Magician’s Dream

Krystyn Lambert is one of the few professional female magicians. She is also a full time student at UCLA. We sat down with Krystyn in her dorm room to discuss her unique story and her dreams for her magic career. Krystyn first discovered magic when she was approached by a mime who made coins disappear. […]

Kamran Pasha: One of the First Successful Muslim Filmmakers in Hollywood

UPDATE: Kamran Pasha is now the Co-Executive Producer and head writer for Disney’s new Tron television series. Kamran Pasha is a filmmaker and author born in Pakistan. He is the author of Shadow of the Swords, a novel about the Third Crusade, and Mother of the Believers, a story about the prophet Muhammad’s wife, Aisha. […]

Raelle Myrick-Hodges, Artistic Director of Brava Theater For Women in the Arts

Raelle Myrick-Hodges is the artistic director of the Brava Theater for Women in the Arts, located in San Francisco’s Mission District. She was born in North Carolina and grew up in Washington D.C. She attended Ealing College of Humanities in London and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern California, where […]