How to Discover Your Dream: The Media Inspirations Exercise


Your favorites in books, TV shows, movies, and Internet sites can point the way to your dream. What themes or topics do you keep coming back to? Why? What common interests do your media choices reveal? What characters do you admire- and how do you want to be like them?

To help you discover your dream, answer the following questions about your media inspirations:

  1. Who are some of your favorite fictional (book or film) heroes or heroines? What do you admire the most about them?
  2. What are you favorite books, TV shows, and movies? What do they have in common? (For example: strong female lead as the character, focus on the law, complex relationships?)
  3. Does a particular genre interest you?
  4. What websites do you love to visit during your free time? What do they have in common?
  5. What type of information do you find yourself looking up a lot?
  6. What do the above answers teach you about yourself or your dream?


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