Disover Your Dream: The Bucket List Exercise


To help you discover your dream, you are going to create a bucket list. A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die. When you create your list, don’t censor yourself. Now is the time to get creative, and let your imagination run wild with every weird, wild, or wonderful thing you want to accomplish or experience with the time you’ve been given.

Now, get a blank piece of paper and a pen, set a timer for ten minutes, and create your bucket list. List as many items as you want.

Once your time is up, reflect on your bucket list and what it could mean about your potential passions by answering the following questions:

  1. Do any of your items have a common theme? (For example: adventure, entpreneurship, working with others)
  2. What personality traits do your bucket list items exhibit? (For example: charitable, ambitous, creative..) What are some career paths that also exemplify these traits? (For example, career paths that exemplify charity include a social worker, nonprofit founder, or grant writer)
  3. Are there any bucket list items that directly point to potential jobs you would like to have? If so, which is your favorite one?
  4. Out of the items on your list, what experiences could lead to potential jobs? (Think outside the box here. If 2/3 of the items on your list involve traveling and history, have you considered becoming a tour guide in a historic location, opening a travel agency, writing a non-fiction book about Italy or South Africa, becoming a history teacher in another country, or seeking a job at a museum?)
  5. If you had to pick the 6 items from your list you most want to accomplish or experience, what are they?
  6. What is one small action you can take today to start exploring or accomplishing one of the items on your bucket list?
  7. What are five mini-goals you can do this month to start exploring or accomplishing some of the items on your bucket list?

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